Intimidated by Data Management? These Insider Secrets Put You in the Driver’s Seat.

Intimidated by Data Management? These Insider Secrets Put You in the Driver’s Seat.

Does the mere thought of data management make you want to run for the hills?

We don’t have to tell you how exasperating data management can be. From data silos to those time-consuming bulk updates to endless fragmented additions and beyond. These disjointed solutions inflate costs and create headaches. And then you’re still left hoping to get the accurate, timely information you need to make the best decisions.

If your data management is holding your organization back instead of propelling it forward, this article is for you.
1. Optimize every critical business decision.

‘Dirty’ data can lead to fatal pitfalls like ineffective lead tracking, marketing missteps, and the inability to personalize outreach materials to members and donors. When you think about it, your data represents your future. It drives every aspect of your organization and it’s required for every key decision. So how can you be sure your data collection and analyses are up to the task? The answer lies in your data governance practices. You need information that’s clean, timely, and completely trustworthy, and that’s why data integrity should be at the top of your list. Whether your data management needs a complete overhaul or just some tweaks to make it more effective, CSI’s innovative products and seasoned consultants can make it happen.

2. Choose your metrics thoughtfully.

Once you’re confident in your data’s quality, it’s time to figure out what metrics and key performance indicators are most important for your organization’s specific needs. What drives you? It probably won’t be what compels other organizations so think about your mission, goals, and how you serve your community. Then ensure that you are collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data that gives you those valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of your members, donors, and prospects. Combined, those metrics can deliver understanding to make better decisions. You can rely on CSI to provide keen insights and value-driven guidance that will help you get the most out of your data.

3. Keep cohesiveness in mind.

Particularly in the nonprofit space, organizations often apply a piecemeal strategy, choosing different systems for different business needs. They might purchase a CRM, add an email marketing platform later, and down the road, a social media dashboard. But when these systems don’t talk to each other, it creates serious deficiencies and mounting costs to get the information needed to make the right decisions. CSI’s unified data management solutions are finely tuned to work both in tandem and independently. As a result, they deliver revealing results for informed decision-making and more intelligent operations.

When it’s time to do the impossible, CSI meets the challenge of data management.

Our iMIS Data Management Suite (iDMS) is a veritable powerhouse. This leading-edge toolset maintains data integrity, reliability, and harmony for iMIS. It’s so effective that it’s even been designated as an iMIS strategic product partner. Perhaps you’re a new iMIS user looking for ways to efficiently get your data into iMIS and manage it going forward. Or, maybe you’re seeking a way to rid your organization of laborious repetitive data-oriented tasks.

With the power of iDMS in your corner, you can efficiently and effectively manage data across a variety of sources.
iDMS includes four robust modules that get the job done:
  • iImport: Whether you’re executing a new iMIS implementation or have 3rd party data you want to include in your iMIS database, simplify your data imports with iImport.
  • iUpdate: For efficient and easy updates of your iMIS database, nothing beats iUpdate.
  • iSchedule: Set it and forget it. While iUpdate or iImport do the heavy lifting, you can free yourself from time-consuming administrative burdens with iSchedule.
  • iTransfer: Automate the sending and receiving of 3rd party data with iTransfer.
Discover the whole story of your organization.

Uncovering data-driven insights that can inform your strategic planning is the key to successful growth. Critical activities like fundraising, member engagement, and donor stewardship get a boost from clean, cohesive data that provides a complete picture of your overall organization. iMIS is the powerful solution that can provide all this and more. Taking a strategic approach to data integrity allows you to enrich the member and donor experience and advance your critical mission.

When efficiency is the name of the game, CSI is up to the task. Our agile iDMS solution responds to a challenging data management landscape with best-in-class modules built for you. Let’s get started on your remarkable mission-driven journey

About the Author

Doug Morris

Doug Morris is the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Computer System Innovations, Inc. (CSI), located near Chicago in Wheaton, Illinois. CSI has been actively focused on enhancing results for users in the not-for-profit space since 1992.

While Doug provides the overall leadership, stewardship, and vision for CSI’s product portfolio, he remains deeply involved in its daily operations. From working directly with clients to collaborating with industry thought leaders to developing applications and integrations, he is active with both customers and prospects.

Doug is also involved with the International iMIS User’s Group (NiUG). He currently serves on the NiUG Asia Pacific Board as Vice-Chair and is the Chapter Liaison for NiUG International.

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