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It’s all about the data.

iTransfer is the powerful, multifunctional tool that sits “behind the scenes” and rarely goes noticed – but your tech team is sure to appreciate it. When scheduled data transfer is required, iTransfer makes it happen. Its robust functionality provides the ability to automate the writing, exporting, and receiving of data. It transforms labor-intensive, recurrent data transfer tasks into seamless automated processes that integrate your 3rd party applications.

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Foolproof, flexible data transmissions, tailored for your needs.

When iTransfer is hard at work, inbound data management becomes a breeze. Its pre-configured data interchange format permits authorized 3rd parties to submit data with no authentication requirement, so data can be easily exchanged between systems. Those time-consuming, repetitive manual exports and imports will go by the wayside too. iTransfer allows records to be synched on a scheduled basis, using a user-friendly schedule builder. Users can even review the status of all inbound and outbound transfers on their dashboards or via email notifications to ensure the success of each transmission.

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Information accessibility, flexibility, and accuracy get a boost with iTransfer. Harness the power of automated data transfers to create efficient operations that respond to your unique demands.