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Put iMIS and Office 365™ to work – from anywhere.

There is nothing worse than a member’s email sitting in your co-worker’s inbox. That communication is between the member and the organization, yet only two people know about it – your co-worker and the member. With iEmail, that email becomes part of the member’s record in iMIS – so everyone at the organization can not only see it, but act on it

What about when it comes time to send that personalized message to the member or possibly everyone at the member’s org? Having easy access to the most current email addresses is the key, and where are you sending this email from? That’s right, Outlook™.

iEmail is the right tool for linking Outlook™ and iMIS together. Whether you’re sending a single message or to a hundred, it’s all possible. Committee rosters, event lists, and IQA queries can all be accessed. This hardworking dynamo even creates a history of everything that’s been sent and saves it onto the iMIS record.

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360-degree engagement is at your fingertips.

From iMIS, you can see emails that were not only sent from Outlook™, but received in Outlook™. From Outlook™, you can jump directly to iMIS and land on the member you are communicating with. Outlook™ and iMIS become one – enabling the full 360-degree view of everything that is happening with your membership.

CSI offers two versions of iEmail. iEmail is perfect for iMIS 2017 and earlier versions, while iEmail Cloud is perfect for iMIS 2017 and iMIS EMS. Not sure which version is right for you? Click below to compare versions.

Building member engagement from anywhere has never been easier with iEmail.

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Inserting and Importing
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Save entire e-mail to be opened by others✔️✔️
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Add new records to iMIS from Outlook✔️-
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Define and insert emails as specific Activity Types✔️✔️
Set max number of emails selectable✔️✔️
Compatibility Information
Outlook for Windows 2016 or higher✔️✔️
Outlook for Mac 2016 or higher✔️-
Outlook on the Web✔️-
New Outlook Preview✔️-
Works with Office 365✔️✔️
Requires Office 365✔️-
Works with Gmail™ (via Outlook Windows Client)-✔️
Works with iMIS 2017✔️✔️
Works with iMIS EMS Enterprise / Professional✔️-
Users do not need an iMIS license*✔️✔️

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