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Introducing iWorkflow, the newest module in CSI’s iDMS. iWorkflow allows your organization to build sequences — workflows — of actions initiated by a trigger (such as a webhook). With the workflows your organization builds, you can tie complex steps integrating multiple systems on an automated basis — or simply opt to automate that iUpdate task. The possibilities with iWorkflow’s various triggers & actions are practically endless.

It's workflow wizardry ✨ ... literally.


Manual, scheduled, & webhook triggers start a workflow comprised of an action sequence.


Actions create & modify data in the workflow, perform tasks, retrieve & send data, & beyond.

Advanced workflows

Use custom gates to handle complex situations when workflows fail or succeed early.

Workflow wizard

Create workflows using the wizard (featuring common scenarios), or start from scratch!


Run workflows with webhook triggers & make HTTP requests during a workflow sequence.

Seamless transfer

Workflows transfer data between each action step, enabling them to build upon themselves.

Deep integration

iWorkflow natively integrates with iUpdate, Text Manager, and more (using webhooks).


With templates, schedule iUpdate tasks & Text Manager campaigns — or export data to a URL.

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