Achieve data integrity for addresses.

Say goodbye to funds wasted on mailers and appeals sent to old addresses. Connect iMIS with the National Change of Address (NCOA) service to instantly identify individuals, families, and organizations that have moved. As a plus, ensure that your addresses are standardized with a Zip+4.

Never lose a member again.

NCOA updates

Access up to 18-months of NCOA data to update address data for your iMIS contacts.

Standardize address

Standardize updated and existing addresses to preferred formats and add Zip+4.

Bad address notes

Configure iMove to store any bad address notes directly on the iMIS record.

Extend functionality

Use a stored procedure to implement updates and custom post-processing tasks.

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Ensure that your mailings reach your supporters while you save money, too. iMove is the secret weapon for mailing success.