Advance your mission through long-term focus.

In the nonprofit space, it’s easy to get distracted by endless details and minutiae. While these specifics are important, it’s even more important to be able to focus on the future and advance your mission. CSI can help. We help align your organizational and business goals with your technology landscape. We work to create a roadmap to optimize your business and empower you to stay focused on serving your constituents and meeting your objectives.

Elevate the dialogue.

We start the strategic engagement process by discussing your organization’s strategic objectives. These become the guiding principles by which all decisions are made both in the short-term and the long-term. To identify the optimal strategic objectives, we collaborate with you to enhance communication both internally among your staff and volunteers, and externally with your members and other crucial stakeholders.

Define the roadmap.

What good is a strategy without a strategy execution plan? That’s where the Strategic Roadmap comes into play. We’ll help define quarterly, annual, and even longer term goals and objectives. We’ll use the strategic objectives identifed while elevating the dialog to ensure the roadmap stays on course. And, as we continue to partner with you over time, we’ll make sure to review, refine, and course correct where necessary. We become an extension of your strategic planning and execution.

KPIs to measure progress.

Equally important in strategic planning and execution is being able to measure progress. Are we on track? Are we still moving in the right direction? Are our members onboard with our strategy? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards become the critical tool enabling you to monitor progress and adjust as needed. We help define the vital KPIs and build the KPI reporting mechanism to ensure the right information gets to the right stakeholders.

In everything we do.


We find strength from making one another better. If you're with us, you're family. T


We embrace the missions of our clients and provide solutions to achieve them. E


We finish what we start, and we do it thoughtfully and deliberately. A


We strive to always stay curious and drive innovative solutions for clients & partners. C


We use our talents as gifts, and place the greater good ahead of individual interests. H

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