Here is a complete list of CSI's add-on solutions.

Activity Importer Plus

Import and update activities in iMIS. Current version: 1.5.39
(Released: 1/29/2018)


A single web page solution for online giving. Current version: 2.8
(Released: 5/1/2018)

CSiDonate Plus

Advanced, customizable, targeted fundraising! Current version: 2.8
(Released: 5/1/2018)


Update gifts and pledges after they have been posted. Current version: 1.4.6
(Released: 10/15/2018)

Freight Rate Importer

Keep your costs down by keeping your shipping rates up to date. Current version: 1.4.6
(Released: 1/31/2018)

GL Processor

Integrate your accounting software with iMIS! Current version: 2.1.630.0
(Released: 5/15/2018)


Engage your members online by using the configurable, user-friendly portal, ICE. Current version: 5.0
(Released: 7/1/2016)


Document your iMIS and database environments. Current version: 2.13.2093
(Released: 1/29/2018)


iMIS with Outlook™ Integrated Current version: 2.5.41
(Released: 11/1/2018)

iEmail Cloud

Office 365 and iMIS come together! Current version: 1.11.1
(Released: 11/12/2018)


Insert and update data into your iMIS database. Current version: 2.4.3
(Released: 7/19/2018)

iImport Cloud

Import data into iMIS from anywhere! Current version: 1.0.0
(Released: 4/1/2018)


Collect geolocation data for custom content and more. Current version: 2.1.1
(Released: 1/29/2018)


Find duplicate records and merge them with ease. Current version: 4.4.4
(Released: 11/9/2018)


Ensure compliance with postal regulations. Current version: 2.4.4
(Released: 11/30/2018)

Meeting Closer

Close the event, keep the data! Current version: 4.2.48
(Released: 11/29/2018)


Customize iMIS RiSE, iParts and Public View websites with ease. Current version: 2.0.900
(Released: 4/3/2017)

Profile Editor

Collect the member profile data you want, write it to iMIS. Current version: 2.3.1
(Released: 6/20/2016)