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iMIS Data Management Suite

Clean data optimizes business decisions.

Any organization undergoing a digital transformation knows that data drives every aspect of your nonprofit and is required for almost all crucial decisions you will make. Shouldn’t your data be clean? Don’t you want to be able to trust your data? Data integrity should be at the top of your organization’s list of strategic priorities.

We don’t have to tell you how overwhelming data management can be. All of those bulk updates. The endless piecemeal additions. The disjointed platforms and independent silos of information. When it comes to effectively and efficiently managing data across various sources, CSI’s iMIS Data Management Suite (iDMS) is a veritable powerhouse. In fact, it enables you to do things you never thought possible.

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Are disparate technology solutions holding you back?

Many organizations apply a best-of-breed strategy, opting to select different systems for different business needs. For example, they purchase a CRM, add an email marketing platform later, and down the road, they throw in a social media dashboard. However, when these systems don’t talk to each other, it leaves you with higher costs and headaches to get the data you need to make the right decisions. CSI’s cohesive data management solutions are finely tuned to work both in tandem and independently. As a result, they deliver revealing results for informed decision-making and more intelligent operations.

iMIS Data Management Suite makes better data possible!

iDMS is the leading-edge toolset that maintains data integrity and harmony for iMIS, and is a designated iMIS strategic product partner. Suppose you’re a new iMIS user looking for ways to efficiently get your data into iMIS, then manage it going forward. Or, you are migrating to iMIS EMS and seeking to seamlessly replace your existing stored procedures. Importing massive amounts of information in multiple formats? Importing gifts stored in a separate system? And what about those time-consuming, repetitive tasks? They become a thing of the past too! 

Our iMIS Data Management Suite includes:

Whether you’re doing a new iMIS implementation or have 3rd party data you want to get into your iMIS database, simplify your data imports with iDMS – iImport

For efficient and easy updates of you iMIS database, nothing beats iDMS – iUpdate

Set it and forget it! While iUpdate or iImport do the heavy lifting, you can free yourself from administrative burden with iDMS – iSchedule

Automate the sending and receiving of 3rd party data with iDMS – iTransfer

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Harmony is at your fingertips.

Uncovering data-driven insights that can inform your strategic planning is the key to successful growth. Member engagement, donor stewardship, fundraising – these critical activities all get a boost from clean, accurate data that’s working together to tell the whole story of your organization. iMIS is the powerful solution that can provide all this and more. Taking a strategic approach to data integrity allows you to enrich the member & donor experience and advance your mission.

When efficiency is the name of the game, CSI is up to the task. Our agile iDMS solution responds to a challenging data management landscape with best-in-class modules built for you.