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The fast, efficient way to modify gifts and pledges.

Donors sometimes change their minds. Data entry mistakes can happen, too. When everyday situations like these occur, FRease is the timesaving solution that makes modifying gifts quick and easy. Good riddance to annoying paper trails of unnecessary data and cumbersome adjustment processes. With FRease, updates, adjustments, non-financial field changes, and even fund distributions (with proper authorization) are a snap.

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Robust functionality that responds to a variety of needs.

Need to make an adjustment to a soft credit? No problem! You can easily add, edit, or delete soft credits with FRease. This powerful fundraising support tool allows you to make changes to all non-financial fields, including the ID, Appeal code, Notes, List As, Tribute, Acknowledge, Solicitor, and the Date Received. From updates for posted gifts to adjustments on unpaid installments, complex financial amendments in iMIS are simplified with the help of FRease.

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When you need a hassle-free way to update gifts and pledges after they’ve been posted, rely on FRease.