Promote better mobile member engagement.

Text Manager is the powerful tool that integrates with your iMIS data to engage your organization’s members via their mobile devices. With Twilio integration, a toll-free number, dashboards, campaigns, personalization, and more, Text Manager delivers relevant, personalized communication with each and every SMS sent.

Engage your members like never before.

Text Manager

Send text messages seamlessly integrated with iMIS member and donor details.

Twilio integration

Text Manager uses Twilio to send messages, so you can focus more on engagement.


View relevant information about messages, usage, and current/archived campaigns in one place.


Plan your messaging using campaigns so that your content is relevant and targeted.

Scheduled campaigns

Organize campaigns either as a single occurrence or on a recurring schedule.

Target audience

Use IQA queries to find the best recipients for each campaign to maximize engagement.

Personal touch

Using iMIS data, you can personalize each message and link to relevant content.

Save in iMIS

Write activities and interactions when messages are sent or recipients unsubscribe.

Text Manager makes personal engagement with your organization’s members and donors easier than ever.

iMIS seamlessly meets Twilio.

With Text Manager, your iMIS records drive personalized and more relevant messages using the powerful Twilio API. We register a toll-free number for your organization, allowing up to 12,000 messages/campaign. Twilio bills on a flex basis, so you only pay for the actual texts you send with Text Manager.

Flex message usage

12k messages/campaign

Toll-free number

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Mobile engagement, reimagined.

Text Manager is the ultimate solution to increasing member engagement. Discover the power of recurring campaigns, target audiences, personalization, links, emoji, and so much more.