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As a leading AMS in the marketplace, iMIS offers extensive out-of-the-box capabilities that meet the majority of client needs.

However, in the nonprofit space, demands are unique and varied and cannot always be met 100% with out-of-the-box iMIS functionality. But that doesn’t mean your needs should go unmet. This is where CSI shines. Not only are we architects, sellers, and implementers of iMIS, we have a technical team dedicated to providing supplemental technology products and integrations to the iMIS Community.

Don’t pay for custom solutions that are costly to build and even more costly to maintain and upgrade. Instead, buy robust commercial-grade software! With CSI’s products, you get a quality product, online documentation, a dedicated support staff, continuous product innovation, and access to a large network of peers sharing their knowledge of our products.

Serving your constituents has never been easier.

CSI is a team of skilled consultants, developers, designers, and technology innovators. That’s good news for you because it allows us to bring continuous technology innovation to the iMIS Community, helping you to overcome your biggest challenges:


Simplify 3rd party iMIS integrations with:


Expand and expedite your fundraising outcomes with:

Admin Tools

Facilitate administrator accessibility and ease of use:

We realize your plate is full,
so let us shorten that to-do
list and make your job a
little easier.

Whether your technology
issues are few or many,
leave the hassles to us.
Digital journeys are better
when we’re along for the ride!

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An impressive synergy that’s built for the future.

With over 30 years in business, decades of combined industry experience, and hundreds of successful engagements under our belt, CSI appreciates the daily obstacles you face. However, we also understand that your landscape is dynamic, and your needs can change instantly. That’s why we work hard to deliver flexible products that will get you there faster, easier, and more effectively. All the while, we keep an eye toward the future, so the investment you make today will sustain you for the road ahead.

When your mission calls for best-in-class technology product solutions and a technology partner you can trust, you can count on CSI.