Never wonder if a roster is up-to-date again.

Roster Manager delivers fast, easy, and accurate updating of multiple profiles on one screen in iMIS. The process and workflow is in your hands; you determine what happens when you hit submit. Roster Manager saves time, improves accuracy, creates intuitive workflows, and streamlines your members’ experience. Hours of work can be accomplished in minutes.

Easily make bulk updates to rosters.

Custom rosters

Each roster is defined by an IQA query, allowing flexibility for your members.

Data collection

Upon selecting members, ask for additional information based on the action taken.

Data processes

Hit submit and based on your rules, iMIS is updated instantly, in mass.

Logged changes

Roster Manager uses the iMIS API, so all changes are logged based on your rules.

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Reimagine your members' experience.

Roster Manager streamlines updating of rosters of individuals, providing a quick and painless experience for company and chapter admins.