Reimagine the possibilities.

Roster Manager

Say goodbye to time-wasting inefficiencies.

Roster Manager delivers fast, easy, and accurate updating of multiple profiles on one screen in iMIS. If your organization’s staff and members update and create records simultaneously, this innovative tool is for you. Roster Manager saves time, improves accuracy and consistency, enhances workflows, and streamlines your everyday operations. What once took hours can now be accomplished in just minutes.

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Roster Manager

Simplify and unite those tedious work processes.

When multiple users are adding and updating profiles, mistakes are bound to occur. Roster Manager seamlessly integrates those processes to reduce costly mistakes and effortlessly deliver precise results that you can rely on:

  • Simply select the records you want to update
  • Make the necessary changes (based on your configuration choices)
  • Let the CSI Cloud take care of the rest!

Creative solutions for your most daunting challenges.

Your daily operations shouldn’t be a source of aggravation. With CSI Cloud hard at work behind the scenes, Roster Manager makes it easy to streamline the updating of records while providing consistently accurate and reliable results. It’s the smart way to gain efficiency across your entire organization.

Roster Manager-3 steps

Now you can enjoy time-saving record management processes that respond to your organization’s unique demands. Roster Manager makes it possible.