Import, update or delete external data with ease.

iImport enables you to use an Excel spreadsheet to insert, update, and even delete iMIS data. End users, not programmers, simply map the fields from the spreadsheet to iMIS. Name, Address, Demographics, activities, relationships, user credentials, and financial information including event registration and order importing are all a breeze with iImport.

Make iMIS the single source of truth.


Give the end-user the power to be able to import, update or delete data.


No need to change the headers of your columns — you tell iImport what should go where in iMIS.


Save your mappings for a recurring spreadsheet to make the process even more efficient.

iMIS data

Easy imports, updates, and deletes to core iMIS objects, including financials.


Import gifts and pledges that happen outside of iMIS to see the full fundraising picture.

Financial data

Easily import financial data into iMIS — payments, subscriptions, and more.

User credentials

Make the member experience seamless by creating their iMIS login on the fly.

Delete data

Eliminate erroneous data to ensure accurate information for making pivotal decisions.

With the iImport module, users are able to easily import, update or delete iMIS data using an Excel spreadsheet.

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Reimagine control of your data.

Take charge of your organization’s valuable data and leverage it to your fullest advantage with iImport and the iMIS Data Management Suite.