Take chapter management to the next level.

The Interactive Chapter Experience (ICE) simplifies the task of chapters managing vital data while compiling it for the central office. Chapters experience step-by-step processes for forms, workflows, and member management. Tasks include enrolling new members, updating leadership details, filing chapter documents, and more. Say hello to streamlined and easy processes.

Empower chapters and staff.

Intuitive interface

Chapters are presented with a dashboard of important information, roster, and action items.

Roster management

Update chapter rosters en masse, with the option of requesting more details or file uploads.

Forms processing

Allow chapters to fill out required and optional forms on a scheduled basis.

Update officers

Chapters can update their officer lists on-demand when changes need to be made.

Access & permissions

Define who can view, access, and approve every part of ICE.

New members

Customize a join process for chapters to add new records using forms with the fields you select.

Custom branding

Each instance of ICE is its own experience, look, and feel, designed with your brand guidelines.

Workflow rules

Define which actions trigger workflow rules to manage data in iMIS.

Discover how ICE can revolutionize the chapter experience and simplify your staff’s to-do list.

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Get time back by empowering chapters.

ICE allows chapter to manage administrative tasks on their own, empowering them and freeing up staff to focus on what matters.