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Don’t let pesky duplicates wreak havoc on your database.

As organizations grow and change, contact information adds up. That accumulation often leads to replicated, error-prone data. So how can you find the duplicates in your database, let alone remove them? Streamline your contacts and keep your database error-free with the power of iMerge. CSI’s innovative merge product allows you to instantly combine, update, or delete contact information to keep your database pristine and efficient.

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iMerge is packed with robust capabilities. It can locate duplicate records based on specific criteria and segment them for easy merging. iMerge also has batch merging capabilities, so you can make these changes in mass. Another powerful feature is the ability to merge companies and all the associated contacts. In addition, it allows you to unify records from external sources, such as activities, subscriptions, and financials. You can even integrate custom stored procedures to extend the functionality of iMerge. For example, you can incorporate user-defined data, keep the most recently used credentials, prevent access to specified records, and more.

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Merge duplicate records on the fly and according to your own business rules. iMerge makes it easy to maintain a streamlined, accurate database.