Seamless payments with
no login required.

Discover the ease of iMIS QuickPay, the innovative solution designed to simplify your payment processing. Members and donors can now swiftly pay their outstanding balances without the need to log in. This user-friendly approach not only saves time but also enhances the payment experience, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction every time.

Effortless payments in a single click.

Single click

One click, and you're on your personalized payment page. No redirects, no complications.

Pay everything

From dues to events and orders, effortlessly pay all your balances in one place.

Accelerate payments

No usernames or passwords to remember – just a faster, smoother payment experience.

Certified security

Leveraging the iMIS Pay Central SDK, your transactions are secure and backed by ASI’s rigorous PCI Certification.

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Reimagine payment processing.

iMIS QuickPay simplifies payment processing for iMIS, while always ensuring ease-of-use and security.