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With Cloud SSO, users need just one user name and password for all of your online applications. With support for both OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0, it’s never been easier to connect iMIS with third-party systems. There’s no need for sync jobs, custom SSO solutions, or password lists — Cloud SSO handles everything and makes logging in easy and secure for your members.

Like magic.

Cloud SSO

Authenticate users seamlessly with iMIS credentials across multiple applications.

OpenID Connect

Cloud SSO works with OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0 protocol to authorize users.

SAML 2.0

Cloud SSO works with SAML 2.0, another industry standard, to authorize users.

Powerful integration

Authenticate with numerous apps and services which support standard SSO protocols.

No installation

The Cloud SSO setup process is easy and requires no software installation whatsoever.

Brandable login

Customize the logo, background, foreground, and colors to match your organization's branding.

Seamless use

iMIS users will rarely interact with the app — it works seamlessly in the background.

User profiles

Use IQA queries in iMIS to automatically send user profile data to the third-party apps.

With Cloud SSO, iMIS becomes your Identity Provider (IdP) and enables secure and easy single sign-on integration with applications supporting industry standard protocols.

Cloud SSO integrates seamlessly with your organization's favorite apps

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Make tedious logins a breeze.

With Cloud SSO, the integration possibilities are practically endless. Connect your iMIS members seamlessly to your organization’s applications today.