Connect your iMIS ecosystem with your business.

iMIS is your single source of truth — it is the lifeblood that runs your organization. But, is it connected? What if you could connect iMIS to your other business systems? What if you could build workflows that crossed applications? What if you could tightly integrate iMIS with your accounting system or your LMS, or any 3rd-party application that shares data with iMIS? CSI can help.

Integrate seamlessly.

CSI’s professional services team is well-versed in the inherent integration capabilities of iMIS. We also have extensive knowledge of third party integration capabilies available in the iMIS Community. With tools like iDMS and Power Automate, and other tools available from the iMIS Marketplace, iMIS can easily integrate with your application landscape, and CSI can help.

Select the right option.

iMIS makes it easy to integrate with 3rd-party applications. But which integration method is the right one? A lot goes into this evaluation and selection. Is the integration one-way or bi-directional? Is it synchronous or asynchronous? Is it a simple Single Sign-On (SSO), or must additional contextual data be sent? Do you have workflows with steps that trigger additional steps? We help answer these questions and find the right solution.

Automate processes.

iMIS has out-of-the-box process automation capabilities that can solve many needs. However, did you know you can automate business processes that cross platforms? There are tools now available, like Power Automate, specifically designed to automate workflows cross-platform and drive incredible efficiencies and automation — CSI can help.

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Designing a solution with iMIS as your single source of truth while simultaneously connected to your business landscape can be a daunting task. We can help with the tools, the know-how, and the experience to make this a reality. Reimagine the way you integrate & automate and contact us today!