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Press Kit

Approved parties can download the CSI logo in various formats for use on other websites or for print material.

Manipulation and alteration of the CSI logo are strictly prohibited. The CSI logo must appear exactly as shown in the image files. Do not attempt to alter colors, fonts, tagline, or adjust the proportion, scale, or otherwise.

Any questions about our logo usage, please contact us.



Primary Logo:
To be used when horizontal compositions are preferable.

Secondary Logo:
To be used when vertical or square compositions are preferable.

Brand Colors

CSI Dark Blue

Pantone: 2728C or 660C
(be careful it does not skew purple)

CMYK: 90, 80, 0, 0

RGB: 55, 78, 162

Hex: #374ea2

CSI Light Blue

Pantone: PMS 299C

CMYK: 80, 15, 0, 0

RGB: 0, 164, 224

Hex: #00a4e0

CSI Yellow

Pantone: PMS 124C

CMYK: 10, 30, 100, 0

RGB: 230, 178, 34

Hex: #e6b222

CSI Gray

Pantone: PMS 445

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 70

RGB: 109, 110, 113

Hex: #6d6e71