Take control of your iMIS data processes.

iUpdate uses IQA queries from iMIS to insert, update, and delete data in iMIS. Use the output of an IQA query to determine both the records to update and what those updates are. iUpdate can handle complex data updates and follows iMIS rules, meaning you no longer have to worry about iMIS data integrity.

Effectively manage your iMIS data.


Easy-to-use tools put the power of bulk updates and data management right in your hands.

Add data

Add contacts, demographics, activities, orders, events, gifts, and more.

Update data

Keep existing data up-to-date based on your business rules defined by your IQA queries.

Delete data

Eliminate erroneous data to ensure accurate information for making pivotal decisions.


Craft an IQA query and use it to make updates, deletes (or even inserts) to all things iMIS.

Snapshot data

Use iUpdate to snapshot your data for trend analysis and easy reporting over time.

Query filters

Utilize the prompts and filters within your IQA query to ensure you are changing the right data.

Linked instances

Connect multiple iMIS instances, enabling inserts and updates between each system.

With iUpdate, users are able to easily update, delete, and import data using an IQA query.

Do more with the power of iUpdate.

With iUpdate, it’s possible to do more with iMIS. From updating contacts and activities, to demographics, relationships, and more, the power of effective data management is in your hands. Apply payments, insert event registrations and orders, and even create subscriptions. Other examples include finding locked out users and unlocking them, changing member types for expired members, and seamlessly snapshotting your data trends. The possibilities are practically endless with iUpdate.

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