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iDMS - iUpdate

Keeping your database functioning.

Data integrity. Data cleansing. Data purity. All terms that can be overwhelming. What if you had the ability to update your database just like your old DBA used to do with SQL scripts and stored procedures? No need to call in the pros – you create the query to find the records you want updated, and then set the update in motion. iUpdate is part of CSI’s iMIS Data Management Suite (iDMS), a designated iMIS Strategic Product Partner. iDMS is a veritable powerhouse. In fact, it enables you to do things you never thought possible.

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Eliminate your stored procedures with iUpdate.

Suppose you’re a new iMIS user looking for ways to efficiently manage your data going forward. Or perhaps you are migrating to iMIS EMS and seeking to seamlessly replace your existing stored procedures. Do you need to create “call” Activities for every new member? Change a person’s member type based on demographics? Find locked out users and unlock them? iUpdate can do this and so much more. If you can think of it, iUpdate can do it! For efficient data governance in the nonprofit environment, nothing beats iDMS – iUpdate.

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When data integrity is the name of the game, CSI is up to the task. Our iDMS-iUpdate solution responds to a challenging data management landscape. Schedule a Call to learn more.