Are You Sick and Tired of Hearing About Digital Transformation?

sick and tired of digital transformation

Digital transformation. Makes you cringe a little, doesn’t it? It’s quickly become the hackneyed buzzword.

Essentially, it involves integrating digital technology across all areas of the organization. Despite the overuse of the term, it does deliver some impressive advantages – especially in the new digital world in which we live. It allows adopters to be more agile in their operations and in how they deliver value to constituents. The ultimate goal of digital transformation is to improve relationships and enhance service fulfillment through a unified digital environment.  

For non-profits, the benefits are especially rich.

More than ever, non-profits must focus on the activities that yield the greatest impact to justify their budgets. A revitalized digital landscape can deliver these valuable insights. It allows organizations to use data to determine their performance, where they should focus their efforts, and areas that would benefit from streamlining. It also enables companies to concentrate on more valuable efforts by automating many tasks that are being performed manually.

In this article, we will explore five key benefits your non-profit stands to gain by tapping into the power of digital transformation.

1. World-class technology is at your fingertips.

technology at your fingertips

Digital transformation makes it possible for non-profits of all sizes to leverage innovative tools that were once available only to large corporations with deep resources. That means your organization can now tap into the same top-level tech for just the subscription price. Your transformation starts with network connectivity and extends up into the cloud. Cloud-based software like iMIS for instance, allows non-profits to gain a competitive advantage by slashing operating costs by as much as 50%. Cloud computing also allows non-profits to facilitate collaboration, gain productivity, improve security, and more.

2. Collaboration gets a boost.

Shared projects take on new life with cloud-based software. It allows employees to access software and files anytime and from any location. Internal communication becomes more accessible, too, through integrated tools like video call technology, secure email, and chat. Communications with patrons will benefit from robust donor management and event software that automates donation collection and facilitates event planning.  Remember, even Zoom offers a free tier that you can start to take advantage of now.  And don’t forget, you can take your work email and create a free Google account and use the collaboration tools Google offers – for free.

3. Enhanced security delivers extra protection. 

As more membership organizations migrate to the cloud, data security concerns have come to the forefront. In the non-profit landscape, organizations must be able to routinely utilize online payment processes to simplify donations without risking a cybersecurity attack that can cause irreversible damage. Managed security services deliver confidence through multiple layers of robust, reliable protection that safeguard critical organizational and donor data. Fortunately, Microsoft now requires anti-virus on your PC and, on top of that, will give you their Defender product – for free.

4. Integrated operations save time and money.

Say goodbye to data silos and inefficient, disconnected efforts. Software connectivity on the cloud removes barriers between departments, reducing the time spent on duplicate and unnecessary tasks while increasing productivity. For example, cloud-based software integrations allow donor, payment, and accounting information to be streamlined and synced across departments. Throughout every facet of the organization, digital transformation delivers efficiency with integrated applications that can include a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Learning Management System software (LMS), accounting, event management, fundraising, donor management, payment processing, human resources, and many more. CSI’s Cloud SSO product helps with these integrations and keeps the cost low – less than $3 per day.

5. Better data means better decision-making.

When you can readily access accurate, real-time data, it leads to faster, more informed decisions. Cloud-based software enhances short- and long-term decision-making with powerful tools that are based on immediate information. Whether it’s the results of your latest online fundraising event or yesterday’s email marketing campaign, you can quickly capitalize on new opportunities. Those outdated legacy systems that compartmentalize the organization become a thing of the past, too. Innovative tools deliver real-time visibility across all areas of the organization for an instantaneous and revealing bird’s eye view. CSI’s Data Management Suite (iDMS), along with iMIS, can not only calculate real ROI but save it on a daily basis for future reporting.

You really can do more with less. 

do more with less

At CSI, we know that organizations like yours have unique needs. We understand that addressing those needs is critical to developing an effective digital strategy that streamlines processes, reduces costs, and delivers greater value to the communities you serve. It all begins with a comprehensive audit of how your organization is currently operating, such as:

  • What are your processes by department? Is there overlap?
  • What tools are you using, and which systems are integrated (or should be integrated)?
  • What are your biggest challenges?

CSI’s experienced technical innovators are here to help you through the audit process. Armed with this information, we will work with you to develop a customized, practical plan for your digital revolution that includes goals for maximizing the ROI of your technology investment.

Now is the time to reimagine your organization’s operations and goals using next-generation technologies. CSI has been serving the not-for-profit and iMIS community for over 30 years. Your full potential is waiting to be unleashed. Let’s get started!

About the Author

Doug Morris

Doug Morris is the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Computer System Innovations, Inc. (CSI), located near Chicago in Wheaton, Illinois. CSI has been actively focused on enhancing results for users in the not-for-profit space since 1992.

While Doug provides the overall leadership, stewardship, and vision for CSI’s product portfolio, he remains deeply involved in its daily operations. From working directly with clients to collaborating with industry thought leaders to developing applications and integrations, he is active with both customers and prospects.

Doug is also involved with the International iMIS User’s Group (NiUG).  He currently serves on the NiUG Asia Pacific Board as Vice-Chair and is the Chapter Liaison for NiUG International.

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