Looking to Boost Member Engagement Through Technology? You Need These Five Essentials.

engagement matters

Meet people where they are.

Most of your members rely on the Internet, so building a strong digital presence should be a critical part of your member engagement strategy. Seems logical, right? But many organizations overlook sound technology investments in favor of ill-fated bandages and established but ineffective tactics.

If that sounds familiar, it’s time to say goodbye to those outdated, disjointed efforts. Instead, imagine the value you stand to gain from personalized, integrated multi-channel campaigns that speak directly to each recipient and their unique priorities.

Why does engagement matter?

Member engagement has become another one of those trite terms in the world of nonprofit marketing. Unfortunately, it has been used so often that its significance has largely been lost. Member engagement is about forming a valuable bond with your constituents and enriching their lives. It’s what keeps folks interested in what you do and why you do it, and it’s the lifeblood of any nonprofit or membership organization. People will remain engaged if your courses, programs, and events support their professional needs and interests—and if they are aware of these offerings. Savvy organizations leverage sound digital member engagement tools to make it happen.

Read on to discover five tried-and-true technology essentials that deliver the robust, connected communications you need to support your mission and nurture member involvement.

1. It all starts with your website.

all starts with your website

When current and potential members want to get updates or learn more about your organization, they head to your website. Make it easy for them to find the information they need and explore your offerings with an appealing, navigable site. The best websites are efficient, interactive, and user-friendly. It starts with a clean, modern layout and intuitive design that helps visitors locate what they need and encourages further exploration. Event registration pages, member login areas, and other frequently used sections should be easy to find and accessible with one click. And don’t forget to include plenty of apparent call to action (CTA) buttons.

Above all, ensure your site can be updated effortlessly and the content regularly refreshed. Today’s content management systems (CMS) make it easier than ever before to perform content updates, manage users, and handle site administration tasks. iMIS is built on a CMS called RiSE, and as such, it can handle your website with ease and out-of-the-box integration. It’s one of the major capabilities that sets iMIS apart from other systems. Some clients look for a separate stand-alone CMS to take ease-of-use and marketing automation to the next level. With the iMIS API, integrating with 3rd party CMS’ is also a breeze.  From WordPress to Kentico, CSI’s SSO product can extend the built-in iMIS API to offer full personalization and integration.

Tap into tools that support the engagement continuum.

CSI offers a suite of innovative engagement products specifically designed to facilitate member involvement and simplify the process for your organization:

2. iEmail: Put iMIS and Office 365™ to work – from anywhere.


When your constituents send an email seeking information, there’s nothing more disengaging than to be left hanging. With iEmail, that message becomes part of the member’s record in iMIS, allowing everyone in your organization to view it and act on it as needed. And how about those times you need current, accurate email addresses for member communications? iEmail is an innovative, time-saving tool that lets you link Outlook™ and iMIS together, streamlining the process.

3. Text Manager: Stand out from the crowd.

text manager

More than ever, organizations in multiple industries compete for member and donor attention. So how can you create interest in your critical mission amid this jam-packed landscape? The answer is as close as your mobile device, and CSI’s Text Manager app puts this potency at your fingertips. Reach members and prospects via SMS, delivering relevant, personalized communication every time. Text Manager also allows you to segment data to target specific groups, track communications, and create powerful marketing outreach. From single, one-off messages to recurring announcements and full-scale campaigns, Text Manager is the complete, user-friendly engagement solution.

4. Cloud SSO: Native Single Sign-On using IMIS credentials.

cloud sso-plain

Want to lose members? Just tell them they must have multiple user credentials and passwords. Yet, with CSI’s Cloud SSO, integrating with your third parties becomes native. The login credentials stay the same whether the member starts from your website or a 3rd-party website. Even better, CSI’s Cloud SSO will send additional data along with the logon – that means important demographics such as Member Type, Paid Thru, Current Certifications, and more can be passed to the third party at the time of login!  Best of all, CSI’s Cloud SSO is inexpensive at less than $3 per day.

5. The iMIS Power Automate Connector: Seamless integration has never been easier.

power automate

While iEmail allows full 365-degree communication with your members, Text Manager allows instant communication, and the Cloud SSO allows seamless communication, the iMIS Power Automate Connector allows integration with over 800 different products.  Custom bridges are a thing of the past with the iMIS Power Automate Connector, and the integration opportunities are endless. All you need to ask is, “Does your product integrate with Microsoft Power Automate?” because if the answer is yes, iMIS integrates with it.

Your organization’s work isn’t about repetitive tasks and mundane activities. It’s about connecting with your members and spreading the word about the amazing contributions you’re making. CSI’s reimagined technology solutions allow you to break free from labor-intensive processes so you can focus on the big picture and serve your members more fully.

With the right next-generation technologies in place, the opportunities are limitless. CSI has been serving the not-for-profit and iMIS community for over 30 years. Let’s explore what’s possible for your organization.

About the Author

Doug Morris

Doug Morris is the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Computer System Innovations, Inc. (CSI), located near Chicago in Wheaton, Illinois. CSI has been actively focused on enhancing results for users in the not-for-profit space since 1992.

While Doug provides the overall leadership, stewardship, and vision for CSI’s product portfolio, he remains deeply involved in its daily operations. From working directly with clients to collaborating with industry thought leaders to developing applications and integrations, he is active with both customers and prospects.

Doug is also involved with the International iMIS User’s Group (NiUG).  He currently serves on the NiUG Asia Pacific Board as Vice-Chair and is the Chapter Liaison for NiUG International.

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