Control, automate, & transfer iMIS data with ease.

The power of the iMIS Data Management Suite allows your organization to use Excel spreadsheets and IQA queries in order to import/insert, update, and delete iMIS data. Your organization can also transfer data to and from third-party services, and automate data management processes on a recurring basis. Drive your organization’s data revolution with iDMS.

Make iMIS the single source of truth.


Give the end-user the power to be able to import, update or delete data.


No need to change the headers of your columns — you tell iImport what should go where in iMIS.


Save your mappings for a recurring spreadsheet to make the process even more efficient.

iMIS data

Easy imports, updates, and deletes to core iMIS objects, including financials.


Craft an IQA query and use it to make updates, deletes (or even inserts) to all things iMIS.

Add data

Add contacts, demographics, activities, orders, events, gifts, and more.

Update data

Keep existing data up-to-date based on your business rules defined by your IQA queries.

Delete data

Eliminate erroneous data to ensure accurate information for making pivotal decisions.

Scheduled basis

Schedule your routine tasks to run either off hours or on a recurring basis.

Data integrity

Eliminate the potential for human error to ensure your data is up-to-date and clean.

iSchedule webhooks

Trigger iDMS jobs from RiSE or other third-party systems for instant updates.

Build workflows

Tie job steps to each other — once this step finishes, start the next one in the workflow.

Automated transfers

iTransfer supports sending and receiving data in all industry standard formats.

Delta hashing

Enable delta hashing to only send updated records to their destination.

iTransfer webhooks

Easily write data back to iMIS with iTransfer as an Activity or Standalone Panel.

Stay in-the-know

Get an alert based on the status of a given job — know when a job fails or when a job is completed.

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