Why the iMIS Ecosystem Matters for Associations & Fraternities

The constant change in the technology industry can be dizzying, and the world of association management systems (AMS) is no different. Associations, fraternities, and member-based non-profits have an increasing number of options for these critical tools that are often the backbone of their member engagement efforts.

When considering such an investment, leaders of these organizations should evaluate beyond transactional questions of features and cost to other important aspects, such as:

  • What options will I have if the company that sold me the software can’t provide the on-going support my team needs?
  • How stable is the software company? What options will I have if it is acquired or folds in the next few years?
  • What if we discover important use cases that weren’t in the initial requirements? Will this platform be flexible enough to address changing needs? Are there reliable 3rd-party apps that can extend its functionality and fill gaps?

A Robust Ecosystem of iMIS Resources

One way ASI answers these questions for its iMIS product was on display at last week’s AiSP Executive Business Summit, where CSI presented as a featured speaker. This annual gathering brings together roughly 25 Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSPs), companies who meet a standard of training and expertise on the iMIS platform. Here, these professional service organizations pool collective knowledge and collaborate on how to help our association, fraternity, and non-profit clients be more successful.

CSI President Bill Boehner presents at the 2023 AiSP Executive Business Summit

The wisdom of this particular crowd is substantial. CSI, for example, has been part of this community for more than 30 years, nearly as long as iMIS and ASI. Several other AiSPs also have served clients not just for a few years but for a few decades. This group collectively has seen it all and has a good sense for industry trends and direction. Put another way, the iMIS partner ecosystem provides more than just options… but high-quality options.

The expertise of the AiSP group extends beyond services and includes a deep understanding of the software itself. Many, like CSI, are also developers for the iMIS Marketplace, a one-stop shop for certified applications that extend and tailor the out-of-the-box iMIS functionality. On top of all those things are excellent resources from the NiUG International Member Forum or the ASI Learning Hub.

Why does this matter?

If you are the leader of an associations, fraternities, or member-based non-profits, why should you care about any of this?

It matters because this robust ecosystem doesn’t exist with other AMS providers. It matters because you have options – options to find the trusted partner, resources, and tools that fit your organization best. And it matters because those partners, resources, and tools are critical to navigate the constant waves of technology change toward success.

This is one of the reasons CSI has remained 100% dedicated to iMIS. For more than 30 years, we have seen flavor-of-the-week AMS solutions come and go. We have seen organizations lured away by short-term promises come back to iMIS, realizing the grass is not actually greener. When it comes to helping nonprofits serve their members in a proven, flexible way, we have seen the iMIS ecosystem remains in a class by itself.

If you’d like to learn more about how CSI helps association and fraternity leaders find the right technology tools for their organization, visit our Services page or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

About the Author

Matt Mooney is the Director of Marketing for CSI. CSI has been focused on enhancing results for users in the not-for-profit space since 1992.

Matt leads all marketing and branding initiatives for CSI, including its outstanding iMIS products and consulting services. He is responsible for generating greater awareness of CSI’s award-winning customer service that helps more member-based non-profits supercharge their mission.

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