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Ensure compliance with postal regulations.

Are you an organization that’s members move often? Are your returned mail costs rising and worse your lost member count rising? iMove is the real-time National Change of Address Processing tool for iMIS. iMove can identify individuals, families, and even organizations that have moved in the last 18 months, and update their corresponding records in iMIS. iMove can also perform database updates by standardizing existing addresses (Street becomes St) as well as add the zip+4. After iMove has done its job, it provides you with the documentation needed for US Postal Service mail discounts. No more waiting for the returned list from your mailer before updating addresses!

* Address Block Pricing

iMove must be purchased with an address block. No discounts apply to the address block. Address blocks expire one year from date of purchase. Here are the current address block prices:

Address Block Size Price
100,000 $290
250,000 $545
500,000 $785
1,000,000 $1,040
Unlimited $1,220

Run iMove to identify individuals, families, and even organizations that have moved within the last 18 months and update their iMIS records in real-time.

You can validate your entire database or just a part of it, such as only your mailing list.

The USPS requires that your addresses be verified every 95 days. iMove generates the documentation to prove it. This ensures lower postage costs and fewer pieces of returned mail. (CASS Certification)

Many mailers offer to perform NCOA for you. What they don’t do is get those updates back into iMIS. iMove does!

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7, iMIS 15.2 or higher.

Release Notes Version 2.4.14 — Released April 26, 2021

  1. Enhance runtime performance in script csi_sp_UpdateAddressFromNCOA
  2. Update full address when ignore address 2 and 3 is checked
  3. NCOA Toolkit API update
  4. Add NCOA COA Code to Backup Data table
  5. Add Export Grid Data button
  6. Modified Options grid to accurately read "US Address Correction Result"
  7. Enhancement to tie Bad Address to NCOA
  8. Update Accumail and NCOA heading on Options page
  9. Added menu item 'User Guide' that opens a browser tab to docs.csiinc.com/apps/imove
  10. Removed install of .pdf user guide. Replaced with .url document linking to docs.csiinc.com/apps/imove

iMove has been very effective in reducing our return mail by more than 50%!

Tammy Weisenberger, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation