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iMerge Version 4.4.19

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Find duplicate records and merge them with ease.

Do your members constantly create duplicate records? Don’t have a way to find them in your database, let alone know how to merge them? Let iMerge step in and save you and your database! iMerge was originally designed for any staff end user to be able to rapidly merge duplicates in your iMIS database. As the product evolved, it can now find the duplicates in your database, based on your duplicate criteria, and then segment the duplicates for easy merging. With iMerge, you can merge things that an end user can’t normally merge, like Activities, Subscriptions, Financials, etc. iMerge can also call custom stored procedures to enhance the capabilities of iMerge- to merge user defined data, keep the most recently used credentials, or even prevent an end user from two records that shouldn’t be touched.

Features of iMerge include:

• Near instantaneous merging of records
• Batch merging
• The ability to merge non-iMIS tables for external systems that are integrated into iMIS
• Custom merge rules allowing you to extend the product’s functionality
• Built-in Duplicate Finder

Load iMerge on as many workstations as you'd like. Any duplicate records your staff finds can be merged on the fly and according to your own business rules.

Have a list of duplicates? With iMerge's batch feature, simply feed them into iMerge and they'll be merged all at once.

When merging organizational or company records, iMerge will also move the linked child records over as well.
Third-party tables in your iMIS database can also be incorporated into the merge process.
iMerge can call your custom stored procedures, or use one of ours, to do important things like keep the most recently used user name and password, merge user defined data, and prevent your end user from merging two records they shouldn’t.

Store multiple search formulas (we call them Profiles) so you always have the right search for the right occasion. Customize the data fields displayed so your most important data is always listed first. Merge search results immediately or mark them for use with Batch Mode later on. Exclude known duplicate pairs from being included in the search results over and over again.

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7, iMIS 15.2 or higher (If you are running SQL 2000, please contact CSI before using iMerge).

Release Notes Version 4.4.19 — Released November 24, 2021

  1. Added functionality for finding and deleting duplicate Org Admins in the Relationship table.
  2. Fix Collation error when using duplicate finder
  3. Refresh User Interface
  4. Enhance Duplicate finder with shortcut keys on main interface and on handling selection on non-duplicates listing
  5. Prevent merging MANAGER, ADMINISTRATOR, and GUEST accounts.
  6. Added merging user interactions/communications
  7. Fixed an issue with invoice table data corruption preventing merges
  8. Fixed issue with Stored Procedure test call.
  9. Fixed DB collation issue, issue with various time zones, and merging name with single quote.
  10. Added menu item 'User Guide' that opens a browser tab to docs.csiinc.com/apps/imerge
  11. Removed install of .pdf user guide. Replaced with .url document linking to docs.csiinc.com/apps/imerge

Using iMerge is an easy way to combine a duplicate record and the legitimate record without losing any of the member activity, dues, subscription or meeting history.

Laurie Newhouse, Wisconsin REALTORS Association