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FRease Version 1.4.30

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Update gifts and pledges after they have been posted.

Data entry mistakes happen and donors can even change their minds about how a gift should be allocated and then we have the dreaded, it went on Sr.’s record instead of Jr.’s! FRease was designed expressly for these circumstances. Editing gifts in iMIS creates a paper trail that many organizations do not want to see. FRease makes the process of modifying gifts much quicker and cleaner.

Features include ability to:

• Update posted Gifts and Pledges
• All non-financial fields can be modified, including the ID, Appeal code, Notes, List as, Tribute, Acknowledge, Solicitor, and even the Date Received.
• Change Soft Credit IDs and Amounts
• Make Adjustments to Unpaid Installments
• Change the Distribution and/or Fund (with proper authorization)

All non-financial fields can be changed, including the ID, Appeal code, Notes, List as, Tribute, Acknowledge, Solicitor, and even the Date Received.

Need to make an adjustment to a soft credit? Add, edit, or delete soft credits with FRease!

Users with a special keyword are able to change the distribution and/or fund. This is perfect when accounting has already made the change in their system and you just want iMIS to be correct!

Easily and efficiently change the dates and amounts of unpaid installments on a pledge.

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7, iMIS 15.2 and SQL/SQL Express 2005 or higher.

Release Notes Version 1.4.30 — Released December 7, 2021

  1. Do not update reoccurring request's status to inactive unless it's past the end date. 
  2. Allow soft credits of any amount - used to be capped at 100%. 
  3. Added error catching if pledge installments contain duplicate date corruption
  4. Updated stored procedure to account for different server and database collations.
  5. Correct display refresh issue after saving updates
  6. Correct miscellaneous error message on saving gift changes
  7. Fix changes detection issues on amount updates
  8. Updated encrypted stored procedure file with latest stored procedure changes from version 1.4.7
  9. Added menu item 'User Guide' that opens a browser tab to docs.csiinc.com/apps/frease
  10. Default soft credit to 100% and remove encryption on stored procedures.

Kudos! After installing FRease, I was immediately able to use it. Very nice!

Jean Davis, Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity