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Text Manager Version 1.0

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Text Your Members Directly from iMIS

Everything you'd expect in an app called Text Manager. With Text Manager, you can be the hero that brings modern, mobile communication to your organization.

Text Manager is sustainable and simple to use.


System Requirements

Requires iMIS 2017, iMIS 2020, or iMIS Cloud.

Our Favorite Features

Select the Recipient List Using an IQA Query

Use the familiar IQA query builder right within RiSE to create your recipient lists. We've only got one rule: make sure that the number you want to text is in the display tab – easy enough, right?

As a bonus, any of the fields in the display tab can be used as merge fields in your text message. Here are some examples of recipient lists you could generate:

  • Text members a happy birthday on their special day!
  • Text the top ten donors a specialized thank you.
  • Text all members in North Dakota whose name starts with a J.
  • Text members when their magazine subscription is about to expire.
Screenshot of IQA Query being selected.

Schedule your Texts

Want to set Future You up for success? Perfect, we do too! Whether you want to message certain event attendees about a rooming update or remind members about an upcoming due date, we've got you covered.

Send Texts on a Recurring Basis

You:  Earlier you mentioned sending a text to people on their birthdays, so I need to hit "send" every day?

Us:    Absolutely not, your time is so much more valuable!

That's why we made recurring text campaigns available to you. Set the interval for your text message schedule and forget about it while it runs in the background.

Merge iMIS Data Right Into your Texts

Want to personalize your text messages? Great! If it's a column in the Display tab, it can be a merge field. Here's what we mean:

  • Hey, ${Full Name}! Your CSI family hopes you have an awesome birthday.
  • Thanks for registering for ${Event Name}, see you there!
  • For being a Loyal Donor in the ${Donor Club}, we're giving you a special discount code for {Percent}% off in our store. Use code: ${Discount Code}!
  • Thanks for renewing your subscription of ${Magazine Name}.

We've Traversed All the Rules about Texting for You

There's a lot of rules about text messaging, and we have them taken care of learning all about these and setting you up for success.

Our SMS texting is powered by Twilio, and they have compiled a set of SMS Guidelines that explain how it all works.

As with all of our features, we're happy to discuss this more so you can feel confident this is the right choice for you.

Use any Phone Number you have in iMIS

Text Manager accepts any column for phone numbers, of where they are stored (as long as they're in iMIS. But if they're in a spreadsheet, check out our import tools: iImport and iImport Cloud).

That means you can use phone numbers from:

  • iMIS System Tables
  • Custom User Defined Tables
  • Panel Source Definitions
  • Anywhere in iMIS

Write Activities Back to iMIS

We have a little saying: If it's not in iMIS, then it didn't happen. To make sure we're keeping you up-to-date, we'll write text message activities back to the records in your recipient list.

Interested in writing these back as interactions? Great news: We plan to! In the meantime, send us a note if this would be a game changer for you.

Emoji Support 🎉🥳

Emojis are 🔥. That's really all we have to say on this one. 👍

Pro Tips:

  • Access emojis on Windows 10: Windows Key + Period
  • Access emojis on Mac: Control + Command + Space

Release Notes Version 1.0 — Released May 4, 2020

There are no release notes to display at this time.