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Great results begin with a strong foundation.

Giving is the backbone of charitable organizations like yours and the communities you serve. When you’re focused on advancing your mission, you need best-in-class fundraising support and revolutionary IT solutions to get the job done. iMIS holds to key to making it all possible. By harnessing the power of iMIS, you will increase your fundraising to unheard-of new heights and extend your community reach to yield dramatic results. From user-friendly dashboards that display current fundraising trends to the simplicity of recurring secure payments, iMIS puts you in control of your future.

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iMIS gives you a lucrative head start on your fundraising efforts and when it’s combined with CSI’s expertise, the impact you can make is virtually limitless. In the fundraising space, no one compares to CSI. We’ve done it all—giving trends, best practices, thought leadership. You name it, we’ve been at the forefront. Not only does CSI have an extraordinary depth of experience, but we’ve also even developed a leading-edge product that simplifies and facilitates the fundraising process. With CSiDonate[link to page], giving becomes easier and the funding for your foundation gets a boost.