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Cvent Integration Version 1.0

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Integrate your iMIS events with Cvent

The Cvent integration allows for an organization to drop an iPart (or user control) into their member website. Their members would be redirected (along with their information) into Cvent in order to register for the event. Upon completion of registration, that information is sent back to iMIS in the form of a MEETING activity and MEETFUNC activity with pricing information included.

System Requirements

iMIS 2017 or later.

Capture & Integrate Your Most Important Data 

With the Cvent Event Management Platform and iMIS integration, you can provide a timesaving, convenient, seamless experience for members and invitees to register for events by pre-populating their contact information and status already stored in iMIS.


Use Data to Drive Business Decisions & Outcomes 
  • Authenticate members in your iMIS database prior to registration in Cvent
  • Pre-populate registration forms with contact information from iMIS
  • Have a complete view of your members’ event activity history
  • Improve communications with members, donors, and constituents 
  • Measure and understand the impact and ROI of your events
  • Simplify the registration process so that invitees already known to the organization need not enter profile information into Cvent
  • Provide seamless navigation between the organization’s website and the Cvent registration site
  • Link Cvent contact profiles to iMIS records & roles by including iMIS member ID in the Cvent profile
  • Bolster iMIS activity history by transmitting Cvent data regularly and in an automated fashion
  • Add the registration financial details to iMIS Activities of the contacts

Release Notes Version 1.0