Meeting Closer Version 4.2.42

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Meeting Closer

Close the event, keep the data!

Is that define an events screen getting pretty full? Are you wanting to generate activities for an event that is over? Meeting Closer allows you to close a meeting in iMIS, without losing any of the detail for reporting or tracking. With Meeting Closer, you can close and optionally hide your meetings from iMIS, while generating activities for Functions, Speakers, and CEUs. You can reopen the meetings with Meeting Closer to clone the event, or even generate new activities for that event.


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System Requirements

Requires iMIS 10.6 or higher.

Creates activities for events, functions, speakers, and CEUs. Retains the existing data for reporting and use within iMIS.

Closed events and expos can be reopened on the fly for cloning or reporting purposes.

Have hundreds or thousands of events still open for fear of losing the detail? Not a problem! Simply highlight one or more events and close them all at once. You’ll clean up your events window while knowing your data is secure.

For organizations that only give out CEU credits upon payment, you can close a given meeting multiple times, generating new CEU credits each time for those individuals who have since paid.

Release Notes Version 4.2.42 — Released January 29, 2018

  1. Enhancements to login control and iMIS URL handling. (CW 48242)
  2. Fix a connection issue with DSNs (iMIS 10.6)
  3. Enhancement to the duplicate meeting resolution process
  4. Fix bug with Meet_Master_View creation
  5. Enhancement to allow for resizable main screen
  6. Fixed issue of cloning multiple meetings at a time
  7. Add validation for custom view Meet_Master_View on program launch
  8. Add support for new table EventDetails
  9. Use only the first 10 characters of the appeal code.
  10. User interface updates for scaling font size.
  11. Core Licensing Upgrade
  12. Resolved issue with Meeting Closer stored procedure SQL Server collation conflict

I don't worry about closing meetings anymore. Meeting closer allows me to close the meetings without deleting the data!

Alissa Lang, Liberal Party of Australia NSW