CSI Logo

Press Kit

Download the CSI logo in various formats for use on other websites or for print material.

It's not required, but we're a curious bunch ... so we'd love to hear what you're using our logo for!

Need the source? Contact CSI if you need a vector copy of the logo.

Note: Manipulation and alteration of these logos is strictly prohibited. The CSI logo must appear exactly as it is on this page. Do not attempt to alter colors, fonts, or positioning in any of these logos.

Opaque Logos (White background)

Small (162x83, .jpg)

Medium (420x220, .jpg)

Large (1500x750, .jpg)


Transparent Logos

Small (200x100, .png)

Medium (420x220, .png)

Large (800x400, .png)

X-Large (3000x1486, .png)


Reverse Transparent Logos

These work well on dark backgrounds!

Large (861x427 .png)

X-Large (3000x1486, .png)