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iMIS with Outlook™ Integrated

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iEmail allows you to search for email addresses by name, committees, event rosters, IQAs, and much more, all from within Outlook™. After you’ve drafted your email, you can send it and save the email file on the individual’s record within iMIS. From there, anyone with within your organization, with the proper access keywords, can see exactly what was sent to your members and respond to the actual email! Even better, any email received by your co-workers can be saved in iMIS as well! The full cycle communication between your organization and your members is now a reality. Additionally, you can create tasks and appointments in iMIS and synchronize them with Outlook™.

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From Outlook™, simply click on the iMIS icon to search for and select your recipients. Use standard iMIS fields, existing adhoc searches, committee rosters, event rosters, custom views and even IQA queries.
Any email you send or receive from Outlook™ can be attached to a record in iMIS as an activity. Speaking of attachments, if the email has one, it can be saved too! This allows iMIS to become your one stop CRM solution.
Any task activity in iMIS can be synchronized with Outlook™. Need to schedule a call between a member and co-worker? Just create the iMIS activity and iEmail will synchronize the activity with their Outlook™.
Using the new Appointment activity type, you can set up appointments on member records and these, too, will be synchronized with your staff's calendars in Outlook™.

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7, iMIS 15.2 and Microsoft® Outlook™ 2007 or higher.

Release Notes Version 3.1.29 — Released September 3, 2021

  1. License support for foreign countries
  2. Upgrade .NET framework to 4.6.2
  3. Upgrade Add-In Express to 9.4.4644
  4. Enhancement to add an Interaction
  5. Fix add-in installer issues with third-party dependencies.
  6. Update third-party library Redemption to version 5.16.
  7. Add new View Profile feature
  8. Add support for meeting start date field mapping to transaction date field on inserting activity setup
  9. Add support for location information on insert appointment activity
  10. Update third-party library to version 5.18 of Outlook Redemption
  11. Increase quota in use when reading XML data

With iEmail, we no longer have to query and export names or keep seperate contact lists in Outlook™!

Brenda Holt, Power Transmission Distributors Association