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Computer System Innovations, Inc.

CSI Software Update Plan Policy 

“We” are Computer System Innovations, Inc. and “you” are the user of our products. You are using Software written by us (the “Software“) under the terms End User License Agreement and / or the Software as a Service (“SaaS”) Agreement that you agreed to upon use of our software.  The most recent standard versions can be viewed at or and are collectively referred to as the “License Agreements”.

By paying for this Software Update Plan (the “SUP”) for another year (or more), you agree that the most recent (as of the date of paying for the renewal of the SUP) terms of the License Agreements replace the terms of any previous version.  The “Term” of this SUP is the period shown for the SUP in the License Agreement or, if you have paid for a renewal of the SUP, the period you paid for that is shown on the renewal invoice we sent to you.

RENEWALS At the end of the Term, the SUP will renew automatically from year to year at the then-current price unless either party gives the other party at least 30 days’ written notice of non-renewal.

All payments for SUP are non-refundable even if you decide to stop using the software. If you have agreed to purchase multiple years of SUP, you must pay for those years at the price in effect when the payment is made.


UPDATES. Software “updates” are enhancements to Software that we licensed you to use and that we generally provide to other SUP customers and does not include changes to Third Party Software or Other Software used by you. You use the updates under the terms of the License Agreements.  For our installable products, we will make these updates available to you during the Term of this SUP by letting you download them from our website. It is your responsibility to implement them. For our SaaS products, the updates and enhancements will automatically be deployed.

BUG FIXES. We try to fix errors as soon as commercially reasonable. So, minor problems may not be fixed until we rewrite the module involved and major problems are usually prioritized to be fixed in the next update. Most problems fall in the middle, and many are fixed in a subsequent update. 

STANDARD SUPPORT INCLUSIONS. CSI’s standard support services includes addressing “how-to” questions and basic troubleshooting questions that surface during the normal use of CSI’s software that you have licensed.

COMMUNCIATION METHODS. Emailing [email protected] will create a service ticket that will be addressed by our support team.  Alternatively, you may initiate a ticket using the CSI Support portal here:  Please feel free to follow up with a call to +1 630-681-1100 after your initial support request.

RESPONSE TIMES.  You will get an automated response from our ticketing system acknowledging receipt of your inquiry shortly after your submission.  CSI’s initial tailored response will be within two (2) business days.  It is important to remember that solving the issue may take longer than two (2) business days. 

STANDARD BUSINESS HOURS.  CSI’s standard business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm Central Chicago Time.  Email and Internet support requests are accepted 24 hours per day.