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Do your constituents get lost when they try to navigate your website? Is it lackluster and unappealing to visitors? We’ve all become accustomed to captivating visuals and website functionality that support their overall experience. Think of your organization’s digital presence as your face to the world. If your online image is falling flat and in need of a make-over, CSI is here to help.

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Content management made easy - and remarkable.

Today’s content management systems (CMS) make it easier than ever before to perform content updates, manage users, and handle site administration tasks. This alleviates the burden on your overworked IT department. iMIS has a built in CMS included in the core product, one of the major capabilities that sets iMIS apart from other systems. It’s called RiSE.

Other clients look for a separate stand-alone CMS to take ease-of-use and marketing automation to the next level. Kentico is one of those CMS solutions that has built-in integration to iMIS. CSI is a Kentico Gold Certified Partner, and we’d be happy to discuss your CMS options with you. Contact us to learn more.

Both offer impressive functionality, including:

In today’s fast-moving digital world, the right CMS is critical to your organization’s agility and long-term success. CSI is here to help.