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Cloud Readiness

Everything you need for a hassle-free cloud journey.

When you’re looking to move to the Cloud, pre-migration planning can be as critical as the implementation itself. CSI’s Cloud Readiness assessment is an essential first step. Our technology experts thoroughly examine your application portfolio (including but not limited to iMIS) and your data and determine how you can best be transitioned to the Cloud with minimal impact on your operations.

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Go beyond a technical upgrade.

When considering moving your technology assets to the Cloud, you need to think about data integrity, system performance and responsiveness, data privacy and security, support and how quickly you hear from your cloud provider, and many more elements. We know iMIS is moving to the Cloud and has Cloud offerings already available. But is the rest of your technology landscape ready for that?

At CSI, we can help with this discussion and help put together a realistic plan.

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Rely on an experienced strategic partner.

Cloud migration is a complex task that involves many intricacies. That’s why it’s so important to have an expert evaluation of your organization’s cloud readiness that considers your whole environment. CSI’s comprehensive cloud readiness tools and services are designed to help organizations like yours thoroughly assess their preparedness for this significant undertaking. As a result, you’ll gain a complete understanding of your current IT infrastructure and the potential pitfalls that come with cloud migration. You will also gain everything necessary to scrupulously plan each subsequent step to make the migration process successful. And, of course, we’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

Enhanced data security. Anytime, anywhere access. Time and monetary savings. There’s a lot of love about iMIS EMS Enterprise, so let’s get started.