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Strategy Consulting

Focus on growth, not minutia.

In the nonprofit space, it’s easy to get sidetracked by endless details and stuck in the weeds. Of course, the specifics are important, but your organization needs to be focused on the future, not mired in menial tasks. With the proper tools and support in place, technology adapts easily, allowing your organization to efficiently handle the day-to-day operations that enable you to serve your constituents and fulfill your mission. 

CSI’s strategy consulting solutions unify your organizational and business goals with your technology landscape and the power that resides in iMIS. We work with you to create visionary solutions that maximize the benefits derived from your iMIS software. This empowers you to stay focused on serving your constituents and meeting your objectives.

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Comprehensive guidance that responds to a range of needs.

CSI takes a client-focused approach to strategic consulting. We want to learn all we can about your organization so we can fully and proactively support you in successfully navigating the future. One key success factor to advancing your mission lies in aligning your technology investment with your business objectives, and that’s our strong suit. We offer a variety of consultative assessment tools to formulate workable game plans that support your organizational goals:

Are you on an older version of iMIS and trying to figure out how to get to iMIS EMS? Contact us about our iMIS Roadmap service.

Do you have complex data structures driving you nuts? Reach out to talk about our Data Structure Analysis services.

Have you decided you want to move your technology landscape (including iMIS) to the cloud, but not sure where to start? Talk to us about our Cloud Readiness services.

CSI seamlessly blends technology expertise and a strategic approach with collaboration. Let’s work together to bring your mission to life.