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CSI’s goal is to make our clients’ upgrades as painless as possible. By upgrading to the most advanced release of iMIS 20, clients benefit from all of the new exciting features, as well as a faster, more sustainable, Engagement Management System.

As iMIS software has evolved, CSI has also progressed from our approach to upgrading your iMIS software and waiting to see what breaks. Our former break/fix approach led to significant downtime, 3rd party integrations not working, and dissatisfaction from members, staff, and management. We believe we have found an innovative way to preform iMIS upgrades by streamlining our methodology and developing a process different than what the industry has seen. We have made it our objective to ensure that your iMIS upgrade runs more smoothly than ever before, downtime after the Go-Live is minimized, and that all future iMIS upgrades will run effortlessly as well. We do this with proper documentation and planning to help account for the many moving pieces surrounding a major upgrade.

Our upgrade planning process involves an in-depth requirements gathering covering your customizations, ensuring your infrastructure will support iMIS 20, as well as data analysis and documentation. We’ve also developed our new CSI Core Fundraising Views solution to assist clients with a sustainable reporting system due to the substantial changes the Fundraising module underwent with iMIS 20. We use all of this to accurately determine a level of effort needed for your upgrade, eliminating surprises and creating success and satisfaction within your organization.

To date, we have experienced incredible success with our clients who have chosen to upgrade with our newest methodology. Our favorite quote is from Jordan Bentlage, Executive Director at Sigma Kappa who wrote “This upgrade went much better than previous ones, kudos to you and your team for a job well done!”.

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