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We deliver unparalleled implementations and data migrations.

Would it surprise you if your choice of database meant less than your choice of implementation partners?  Surveys have shown that one organization loves their AMS and the second organization hates their AMS.  And it is the same AMS! What’s the difference?  The implementation team.

CSI has been implementing software for 25 years.  Our approach has changed with the times.  Customers are different today and so is technology.

CSI uses an Agile style implementation today.  This allows us to configure the software with you.  Our regular check-ins, every two weeks at a minimum, ensure that the project stays on-course and you are aware of any changes along the way.

When the big day of “Go Live” comes around, we are there on-site, hand in hand.  Here our after go-live issues list comes in handy - this fluid document, updated by you and us in real-time, allows those minor glitches to fade away from memory.

Look, changing your AMS is a big deal.  It requires a dedicated team – on your end and more importantly our end.  Our team includes consulting experts who have worked with customers an average of 10 years.  We are there for you.