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A different approach to consulting.

CSI is one of the largest iMIS consulting firms and yet has a fraction of the clients of our peers.  Why?  In order to give you our fullest attention.

We are not a reactive firm. Reactive firms don’t have an eye on your future.  And when you are ready, you’ll need to wait for them. Instead, we’ll be ready for you. Because CSI’s philosophy is different. We do have an eye on your future.

At CSI, you’ll have a dedicated Account Management team who will meet with you on a regular basis.  During this meeting, we’ll discuss what’s been accomplished, what’s next on your priority list, what the critical dates are, and what keeps you up at night. We also make it our business to know your business so that we can proactively support you in navigating your organization’s future.

We have an outstanding team of resources who will move through your items carefully and expeditiously. And we’ll work with you to help manage your budget and requirements for your next challenge. One of our client service goals is no surprises! The other is customer satisfaction. And the key to making this all work is to be judicious in building our client relationships. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.  The customer must always come before the prospect and we remain committed to this goal.