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Wes in Dougs Garage1991 – 1999, the Early Days

CSI was founded in August of 1991 by Doug Morris and Wes LaFortune, two engineers who became friends while working for the same Fortune 500 Company. Their first project was a custom software system for a company called Gravure Process. Their first business location was in the basement of Jean Morris, Doug’s Mom.
Wes eventually moved to another state and Doug carried on with the business, expanding into a mix of services that included custom programming, networking, and then a new product offering, iMIS, and with that, CSI’s entree into the association world. The business moved to Addison, Illinois when CSI’s largest client at the time, Syr-Tech, offered up some extra office space.
As one of the original iMIS Solution Providers, CSI began implementing iMIS for small to mid-sized organizations. Not as easy as it sounds. Because iMIS was a Microsoft Windows solution, customers had to first learn how to use this new thing called a “mouse.”  On the plus side, users were now able to run multiple programs at once. So a typical first day of iMIS training focused on these two goals: how to use a mouse and how to switch between applications.

1999-2001, Focus

In 1999, CSI shed its custom programming and networking businesses to focus exclusively on iMIS and, in the year 2000, earned its first Chairman’s Circle Award from Advanced Solutions International, the creators of iMIS.
In 2001, CSI developed its first iMIS add-on product, iMerge. It eventually became one of the best-selling iMIS add-on products in the industry.

2002-2005, Customer Satisfaction

Recognizing that customer satisfaction was the key to both growth and happiness, CSI went forth with a laser focus on achieving this goal. When, in 2005, we won our first iMIS Customer Satisfaction award, it was at that time our defining moment.

2006-2009, Products, Products, Products

During these years, our concentration shifted to new product development, with the goal of fulfilling unmet needs in the Association and Fraternal markets. Out of this effort came iEmail, which allowed iMIS customers complete integration with Outook, and just as importantly, we released ICE, the Interactive Chapter Experience. Due to the game-changing nature of ICE, CSI began to emerge as the leader in the Fraternal marketspace.

2009-2011, Bringing it All Together

As we celebrated our 20th year in business, we also relished in our iMIS Innovation of the Year award, our 6th customer satisfaction award, and the first ever Customer Satisfaction Leader of the year award. It had all come together – our depth of iMIS experience, our quality software products, and our laser focus on customer satisfaction – to solidify our position as a leader and trusted partner in this special arena.

tradeshow_dougelizabeth.jpg2012-2015, Team Building

Heading towards our 25th, CSI set out on a mission to grow.  We reinvested in ourselves over and over again. We put in place new processes and new standards. We committed to never-ending improvement. We released our 12th product, iDocument! And through this all, we came to be the strongest team on the planet.


2016 and beyond, To the Cloud!

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in August of 2016 and then immediately began working on our new Cloud infrastructure.  All of our new cloud products and integrations will be built upon this framework allowing integration with all versions of iMIS. We also introduced ICE 5.0, our mobile-friendly and responsive Interactive Chapter Experience, the leading product for chapter-based organizations.