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Profile Editor Version 2.3.1

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Collect the member profile data you want, write it to iMIS.

With data becoming more and more important, the more information we can collect from our members the more educated decisions we can make to further our organizations. With Profile Editor, your staff is able to determine what information you want collected from your members. In the future if you want to add new fields to collect, it is simple for your staff to add anything to your profiles. Profile Editor also allows you to have multiple profiles for your variety of members, such as Board Members, Committee Members, Individual Members, Company Members, etc. You can place Profile Editor on any webpage you have, and have the data from Profile Editor feed right back into iMIS.

Profile Editor allows you to collect the member data you want and capture it in iMIS.

The data you want to collect might depend on who you’re dealing with. Create different templates for Company Members, for Individual Members and for Non Members. Create whatever templates you want.

Each profile can contain many, many data fields. Organize that information across tabs. For instance, on the Individual Profile, create separate tabs for Personal Information, Address, Areas of Interest and more.

Put the fields where you’d like them, make them how you want them: required or read-only. Take advantage of custom lookup tables for formatting fields as well.

System Requirements

Requires iMIS 15.2 or higher.

Release Notes Version 2.3.1 — Released June 20, 2016

  1. New build process/configuration
  2. Licensing
  3. Format phone numbers in iMIS format
  4. Change log with PE web services
  5. ATS Web Services integration
  6. Create Account - Password complexity (default to iMIS or REGEX)