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PageFilter Version 2.0.900

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Customize iMIS RiSE, iParts and Public View websites with ease.

Ever wanted to be able to change something on a RiSE, iPart, or Public View page, but couldn't? PageFilter can change that! This product allows technical consultants to be able to change the unchangeable! Best of all, your changes stay with the upgrades. You do not have to keep track of what you changed, when you changed it and where.

See how PageFilter compares to inserting a script into an iPart (PDF)

Using a simple interface, make changes to an existing website's appearance. The possibilities include text replacement, image and/or text removal, and URL redirects.

Changing underlying text on your webserver means that the change is lost with each upgrade. With PageFilter, your changes are preserved.

Customizations can be activated and de-activated on the fly. Want the logout button to drop you onto your current event splash page? You can turn that on and then after the event is over, turn it off.

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7, iMIS 15.2 or higher, and IIS 7 (Windows Server 2008) or higher.

Release Notes Version 2.0.900 — Released April 3, 2017

  1. Improved user interface for easier user experience.
  2. Import old rules from PageFilter V1.
  3. Added an option to remove PageFilter from a site
  4. Enhanced license key area
  5. Allowed PageFilter to run unlicensed from the “localhost” domain
  6. Fixed an issue where PageFilter was mistakenly acting on certain content types
  7. Improved PageFilter rules when dealing with certain content types
  8. Added warning about website impact when debugging is enabled.
  9. Added scroll bars to actions and conditions controls

I am loving the PageFilter product! It's so easy to use!

Milissa Straka, PACE Consulting, LLC