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iDocument Version 2.13.2102

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Document your iMIS and database environments.

iDocument is the ultimate iMIS system and database documentation tool. iDocument helps you keep documentation on iMIS setup such as activities, user windows, reports, and more. It’s also your database’s best friend keeping all database tables, views, procedures and jobs in check by exposing what fields are in use by which components. At the end of the day, you have a searchable, storable hard copy documentation of your entire system.

Gain insights into your tables, views, iMIS data (like Activities and IQAs) and more with iDocument's cross referencing capabilities.
Not sure where that IQA is stored? Can't quite remember which views use that field? Search for nearly anything in your database.
Keep a searchable, storable hard copy of the documentation for your entire system. Give certain staff only the documentation they need, like Activities.

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7, iMIS 15.2 and SQL 2005 or higher.

Release Notes Version 2.13.2102 — Released October 13, 2020

  1. Added support for documenting RiSE panel sources
  2. Added support for documenting RiSE panel definitions
  3. Added support for documenting database triggers
  4. Added support for viewing the source code for views, stored procedures,
    functions, and triggers
  5. Fixed issues with orphaned user exceptions when login is not present
  6. Fixed a crash when generating documentation
  7. Fixed a bug where search results would not jump to their item
  8. Added the ability to sort business objects by last modified date
  9. Added value list information to business object fields
  10. Added required marker on business object fields
  11. Fixed a crash due to empty Panel Definition
  12. Fixed a crash due to empty IQA definition
  13. Filtered out WebFormZAttachments folders from IQAs 
  14. Developed handling for WPF type casting issues
  15. Core Licensing Upgrade
  16. Fixed collation issue
  17. Fixed PDF Output generation

"I've been waiting years for a solution that gives us the capabilities of iDocument. To solve the problems of documentation, troubleshooting and modeling, all in one fell swoop? Outrageous!"

Jodi O'Toole, Pi Beta Phi