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iDMS - iSchedule

Your time is valuable so think about automation.

While using iDMS iImport or iUpdate or both, you’ve devised numerous ways to keep your data current and clean. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate those jobs, too? Look no further, iSchedule is the linchpin to the iMIS Data Management Suite and works seamlessly with iImport, iUpdate, iTransfer, and more.

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Set it and forget it!

iSchedule allows you to schedule it and forget it! While iDMS – iUpdate or iDMS – iImport does the heavy lifting, iSchedule frees you of the administrative burden to run it yourself. Set it to run off hours after your users are logged off. Set it to run daily. Set it to run monthly. You can even set it to run hourly. Think of your stored procedures that are scheduled…. iSchedule, combined with iDMS – iUpdate, can replace those Stored Procedures!

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When automation can save you time, we have the solution. iSchedule can make automation a reality and is the easy way to work smart.