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iDMS - iImport

Business decisions rely on quality imports.

The insights you can uncover are only as good as the data you enter, so every piece of information entered in iMIS must be as accurate as possible. iImport puts you in the driver’s seat when getting your data into iMIS. It’s an indispensable data management tool that enables you to seamlessly import any spreadsheet, in any format, into iMIS. Its user-friendly interface and simple, intuitive processes make it effortless for novices and seasoned technical staff alike. 

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Give time-consuming data imports and updates the boot.

Do you have a long list of conference attendees to add? Need to update massive amounts of member contact information? And what about all of those recent award winners who aren’t even in iMIS? iImport answers the call, allowing you to quickly import member records, addresses, demographics, activities, and more. It all flows seamlessly into your existing iMIS database and de-duplicates the data to eliminate redundancy.

Running iMIS 2017, iMIS EMS Professional, or iMIS EMS Enterprise? Learn about our iDMS – iImport Cloud option.

iimport activity importer plus
Running an older version of iMIS? Learn about our iImport / Activity Importer Plus (AI+) option.

Take charge of your organization’s valuable data and leverage it to your fullest advantage. iImport puts you in control.

iImport / Activity Importer Plus (AI+)

iMIS 2017 or older

Import new records from a spreadsheet. Update existing information on existing records. The best thing is, if you have new and existing records on the same spreadsheet, iImport is smart enough to know which ones to import and which ones to update!

Also, use AI+ to import unique activities into your iMIS database from your spreadsheet, or from an IQA.

You can optionally import gifts too!

iDMS – iImport

iMIS 2017 or iMIS EMS

iDMS – iImport allows you to import and update your iMIS data using a spreadsheet. You can import, update, or do both at the same time! For example, if a match is NOT found, it will import the new record. If a match IS found, the record will be updated with the relevant information from your spreadsheet.

Additionally, you can create and save templates that can be easily re-used for future imports and/or updates.

You can even delete data in iMIS!