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In the nonprofit space, fundraising is your very essence. The better you do it, the closer it brings you to fulfilling your mission, so why not invite everyone into the conversation? iMIS is the tool that can reach a broad audience and inspire them to contribute to your cause. It can take you a long way toward your fundraising goals, and with CSI’s seasoned fundraising experts in your corner, they’ll be well within reach. Our innovative fundraising solutions extend the powerful capabilities in iMIS to deliver fundraising tools and software solutions that respond to your unique operational structure. Even better, they’re loaded with innovative features that support engagement, boosting donor participation, and facilitating constituent support.

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Scalable solutions for the support you need.

When iMIS and CSI join forces, fundraising gets some serious leverage. From small associations overseeing a single scholarship fund to multi-million-dollar foundations with various purposes and sources, your organization benefits from the highest-caliber and most comprehensive technology available for managing fundraising functions in the nonprofit space. iMIS allows installment pledges, matching gifts, donation tracking, fundraising events, appeals, and more to be managed with ease. And when you add in CSI’s ingenious fundraising integrations, those impressive capabilities are amplified.

Manage those all-important funding efforts like a pro.

At CSI, everything we do is designed to facilitate a user-friendly experience and deliver exceptional results. The cutting-edge products in our fundraising toolkit cultivate donors, simplify tracking, and enhance the giving experience thus improving the charitable landscape for you and your supporters:

Make it easy for your constituents to donate money to your organization with CSiDonate.

Allow gifts to be modified quickly and easily with FRease.

Fundraising is at the heart of everything you do. Helping you create impressive experiences for your constituents is at the heart of everything we do.