Freight Rate Importer Version 1.4.8

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Freight Rate Importer

Keep your costs down by keeping your shipping rates up to date.

Do you use freight by weight shipping in iMIS? Tired of having to manually import the new freight rates each year, and worse yet, change them when the price of fuel changes? With Freight Rate Importer save all this time by being able to import all of your favorite shippers and methods into iMIS with a simple guided process. Even better, when a fuel surcharge change occurs, simply update one field and it will fix all of our rates!

Rate Tables

The rate tables are now packaged in the product download. Click here to go to your dashboard to download the zip file.


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System Requirements

Requires Windows 7 and iMIS 15.2 or higher.

Release Notes Version 1.4.8 — Released August 26, 2019

  1. Removed install of .pdf user guide. Replaced with .url document linking to (Version 1.4.8).
  2. Added menu item 'User Guide' that opens a browser tab to (Version 1.4.8).
  3. Core Licensing Upgrade (Version 1.4.6).
  4. Enhancements to login control and iMIS URL handling (Version 1.4.3).
  5. Add support for FIPS compliant algorithms (Version 1.4.2).
  6. Output additional message on login failure (Version 1.4.1).