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CSiDonate Crowdfunding Version 2.11.1

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The online giving experience.

With recurring donations, Text to Give, Ambassadors, Challenges, the Giving Dashboard, and more, CSiDonate Crowdfunding is the ultimate fundraising platform! Basic and Plus versions are also available

Receive donations on a recurring basis with recurring donations and pledges.

Allow donors to text a phone number and receive a link in order to donate directly on their mobile devices using CSiDonate Text to Give and Twilio.

With Ambassador Mode, a CSiDonate staff user can select an existing iMIS committee and generate unique donation links for each active member in that committee, allowing each ambassador to raise funds using their own personalized link.

Using Challenge Mode, set a predefined goal for a template: either the amount raised in dollars or the number of unique donors. A progress tracker will indicate the overall progress towards the goal.

Create a highly customizable, single-page online giving dashboard which displays overarching fundraising and campaign information publicly to its donors.

Allow a donor to provide a name, e-mail, and tribute message for up to 25 other individuals with Multiple Tributes.

Process payments easily with CSiDonate + BluePay.

Using Rapid Entry, allow a staff member or volunteer to enter a known iMIS ID into the Rapid Entry page in order to enter a donation on behalf of that user.

System Requirements

Hosting: A dedicated IIS site Public IP / Public DNS SSL Certificate SQL Server (iMIS DB) connectivity (Port 1433) Connectivity to iMIS app server / ASI Scheduler site (Ports 80/443) CSiDonate Webservices / API Installed into the ASI Scheduler Scheduler must be accessible publicly via DNS Minimum Software: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 IIS 7.0 WMF / PowerShell v3.0 SQL Server 2012 iMIS 20.2.26 Fundraising module licensing Web Browser: Supports all major web browsers.

Release Notes Version 2.11.1 — Released July 14, 2021

Test release notes.